We do websites that work!

What's important for your business?

At Next Century Consulting we approach your business a little differently from most internet marketing companies  We approach it from YOUR point of view.  We don't do "Gee whiz" just for the sake of "Gee Whiz."  We do what it takes to accomplish your business goals.  We speak with you in plain language, no "Tech speak" just to show you how smart we are.  We know that you're smarter about your business than we are so we listen to you.

Through "Active Listening" techniques we can help you define your internet marketing goals.  They may be:

Opportunity Knocks when you use Next Century ConsultingIntroduce my new business

New businesses have an opportunity like never before to compete with established businesses.  The internet doesn't care what neighborhood your business is located in (even if it is the garage.)  You can have a professional presence on the web, even if you're a very small business.  CONTACT US to find out how.

Get more local traffic to my business

Next Century Consulting has been driving more local traffic to local businesses for years.  We know that in today's business environment, having a professionally designed and implemented website presence is critical.  Many businesses see more traffic to their site than they receive phone calls or walk-in traffic.  Are you giving the right first impression?  If not, we can help.

Make my business appear bigger

Want to go toe to toe with the big guys?  A professionally implemented website can be your "unfair advantage."  

Expand to Online Sales

Do you want to sell your products online?  Next Century Consulting can set up eCommerce for you.  CONTACT US to find out about websites that work!


Website Design

Clean, clutter free design.  Our websites work because we concentrate on what is important to the client.  We work with professional designers who's goal is to do two things:

  1. Give us a pleasant, simple design that is in good keeping with your company or corporate ID standards.
  2. Get out of the way - Simple navigation, clear concise menus and internal links that are intuitive for the end user.

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Whether it is hosting for your website or hosting for your email, we use only the best providers.

At Next Century Consulting we use only the best hosting facilities 3Essentials.  3Essentials says: Our datacenters are located in Morrisville, NC and Dallas, TX. Both of our datacenters have 24 x 7 x 365 staff to tackle issues at any time. Our datacenters have Card Key access, and Physical ID check. Both of our datacenters have Room Level UPS, Diesel Generators for 24x7 uninterruptable power. Read more . . .

Responsive Design

Our websites are designed to work on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smart phone. With an ever growing amount of traffic on the web coming in the form of tablets and phones, it is critically important that your website adapts to the environment.  CONTACT US to learn how we can help you with this.  Read more . . . .

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.  Some firms try to make it sound like magic or alchemy.  It isn't magic.  Simply put, SEO is getting traffic to your site for the search terms you desire.  We're specialists in SEO and we work with you to determine a strategy for YOUR business.  CONTACT US to find out more.